What can you do?

Looking for some inspiration?

We have collated the 10 most popular activities that companies typically arrange for their employees on National Workplace Wellbeing Day below.

Remember to also take a look at the list of companies that have signed up, you can click on each company name to view their planned activities for April 13th. Click here to view the list.

Whatever activity you choose to do, remember to tweet your activity using the hashtag #workwell18.

Top 10 Workplace Wellbeing Activities in previous years:

1. Lunchtime Mile (Walk, Jog, Run, Cycle)
2. Healthy eating initiatives
3. Fruit bowls
4. Mindfulness/yoga for staff
5. Health Screening
6. Nutrition talks
7. Promotion of bike to work scheme
8. Pilates Classes
9. Mental Health Talks
10. Smoothies

Lunchtime Mile 2018

We are also encouraging all workplaces in Ireland and even further afield to get active, by running a Lunchtime mile event on April 13th.

Ireland's national physical activity plan states that we should be doing 30 minutes of physical exercise per day, and walking the lunchtime mile can go a long way towards reaching that target.

On April 13th, set a course around your workplace and make the walk available to your employees to set them on the path to better heart health, increased mood and regulated blood pressure.

Please register your event by clicking here and let us know if you plan on completing the mile, be it walking, running etc.

If you or your company are planning on walking the mile and would like to invite surrounding businesses to join in please let us know and we would be more than happy to advertise this on our events section.

Don't forget to tweet your activity by tagging #workwell18 and @WellbeingdayIrl