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Top 10 Workplace Wellbeing Activities for 2016

1. Lunchtime Mile (Walk, Jog, Run, Cycle)
2. Healthy eating initiatives
3. Fruit bowls
4. Mindfulness/yoga for staff
5. Health Screening
6. Nutrition talks
7. Promotion of bike to work scheme
8. Pilates
9. Mental Health Talks
10. Smoothies

Top 10 Workplace Wellbeing Activities for 2015

1. Healthy eating initiatives
2. Health screening
3. (Lunchtime) walks
4. Fruit bowls
5. Mindfulness/yoga for staff
6. Promotion of bike to work scheme
7. Smoothies
8. Promotion of membership at nearest gym
9. Training for a 5km run
10. Pedometer challenges

Workplace Wellbeing Day ideas to get you started ....
  • 5-a-day…place fresh fruit bowls around the office
  • Offer new healthy options on canteen menus and in vending machines
  • Host healthy meetings - download our guidelines
  • Organise special employee health screenings on the day
  • Promote lunchtime walks & runs – identify local routes of varying length and difficulty
  • Invite a local gym or personal trainer in to host special exercise classes in your premises
  • Arrange healthy cooking demonstrations in the canteen
  • 5 –a-side – between departments or neighbouring companies
  • Bring in experts for wellbeing talks on topics selected by your staff
  • Promote the cycle to work scheme