MII welcomes the go-ahead for Irish beef exports to China

Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Ibec group that represents the meat processing and export business in Ireland, has today welcomed the announcement by Minister Creed that the way has been cleared for Irish beef exports to commence to the Chinese market, with the formal approval of the first three Irish beef processing plants.

Cormac Healy, MII Director, said: “This is an important breakthrough for the Irish beef sector and comes after many years of extensive efforts by both the Government and the industry to secure access to the rapidly growing Chinese beef import market. We now understand that the way is clear for the first three beef processing plants to commence exports of frozen beef to China. We would expect that this first group of plants will be in a position to commence trade with China in the very near future.

“This is an important first step. MII will continue to work with the Department of Agriculture and the Chinese Authorities to quickly secure the approval to export for all Irish beef processing plants and to extend the list of eligibility products that can be traded”.

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