Petfood Association of Ireland

The PFAI is the representative body for the Irish pet food industry. This industry encompasses a diverse marketplace, a wide product portfolio and is comprised of Irish manufacturing companies, importers, exporters and dedicated marketing organisations.

The public perception of the pet food industry is particularly influenced by brand driven marketing campaigns and high profile sponsored events. This perception is less associated with manufacturing competence, product traceability or the manufacture of nutritional complete feeding products.

The primary objective of the PFAI is to promote the Irish pet food industry as a responsible industry, engaged in the manufacture and marketing of pet food of the highest integrity. This must relate to consumers as an industry promoting products that can be trusted; regulatory compliance must therefore be the basic standard so that irrespective of the challenge, the reputation of the Irish pet food industry is preserved.

The PFAI is managed by a Council comprised of delegates from each of its member companies and Chaired by one of these delegates, on a rotating basis. It endeavours to operate on a consensus basis.

The role of the Council is to focus on the Irish industry, its opportunities, threats and reputation. The Council is responsible for ensuring that the operations of the PFAI are legally compliant including full compliance with competition legislation.

PFAI is a member of the European Pet Food Industry Federation FEDIAF

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