Consumer Foods

The Prepared Consumer Foods Directorate of FDI provides a representative service to its member companies, delivering advocacy, information, advice and networking opportunities. Our priority is to ensure that the key issues for the sector are recognised and understood by policy makers at national and EU level.

Our Mission
To create a more favourable environment for the Irish consumer foods sector that enables it to remain vibrant and competitive in both domestic and export markets.

Strategic Objectives
  • To gain recognition for the economic importance of the sector to the economy and its unique complexity 
  • To secure a meaningful commitment from Government to drive the co-ordinated development of the sector 
  • To achieve a significant improvement in the cost competitiveness of the sector 
  • To ensure that the regulatory burden on the sector is minimised and applied evenly across all food businesses and operators 
  • To develop an infrastructure that actively supports innovation 
  • To improve the availability of skilled and adaptable employees for the sector 
  • To ensure a co-ordinated sectoral response to key consumer issues
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