FDI members recognise that the production and consumption of food and drink products has a direct impact on the environment. To ensure long-term sustainability, the challenge for Irish manufacturers is to improve the environmental performance of their products and processes, while still meeting consumers’ needs for food safety, nutrition, health, convenience and product choice. 

The food chain comprises many different stages and players, including farmers, industry, suppliers, transport, retailers, consumers and waste managers, all of whom generate different environmental impacts. Sustainability in the food chain therefore requires shared responsibility among all those involved along the life-cycle.

The sustainability agenda presents a number of challenges to the food and drink industry; however FDI members are taking their responsibilities in this area very seriously. Continuous and significant improvements towards environmental sustainability are being made and this is helped by the consistent roll-out of innovative best practices and technology across the entire sector, as well as improving the commercial competitiveness of new technologies. FDI members recognise that doing business in a sustainable way is in the interests of all consumers and commercial enterprises.

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